Monday, 29 March 2010

Lets try again shall we!

As the eagle eyed ones amongst you might be able to tell, if you've had the inclination to have a look at, a lack of blogging going off. Well without going into all the details all I'll say is that 2010 could nearly have started the way 2008 ended, but thanks to the wonderful NHS staff at Barnsley General Hospital and The Northern General in Sheffield, I'm still here, I've got a pulse, I'm 19 lbs lighter and a new outlook on life 

So it gives my great pleasure to say,
I'm back blogging, audio booing, twittering and talking fluent Markwell crap. So get ready for lots of bad spelling - which comes to you thanks to a very poor teacher who would shout at me and make me look at twat in front of the whole class, when all I wanted was help with a word. Thanks Mrs O.
I hope you enjoy what I do here, but just in case you don't or you're offended with what I say or write, in the worlds of my dear old grim gram, you can go "Nallocks yor sen" (copywrite Nellie Cawthorne 1984, Balla Street, Barnsley)

 (Photo our Nellie as I remember her during the power cuts of the 1970's)

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andyhanselman said...

Welcome Back David!

Take it easy though!

Best Wishes